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ProPharma Distribution, LLC (PPD) proudly complies with the Drug Supply Chain Security Act of 2013 (“DSCSA”):

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•     PPD is an “Authorized Trading Partner” under the DSCSA because we maintain required wholesale distributor licensure in each state in which we conduct business and comply with all FDA license reporting requirements.


•     PPD acquires prescription medications only from other “Authorized Trading Partners” as required by the DSCSA.


•     PPD requires all trading partner suppliers to provide us with a “T3 Statement” verifying the origin and history of any prescription medications requiring this documentation under the DSCSA.


•     PPD also makes a “T3 Statement” available to each purchasing customer when we distribute any medications requiring this documentation


•    PPD maintains various internal safeguards to minimize the risk of suspect or illegitimate prescription medications entering the supply chain, including procedures (among others) to authenticate the legitimacy of the product transaction history and “verify” receipt of only FDA-approved medications.


•     PPD responds to any suspect or illegitimate product notices that we receive from the FDA or other trading partners within 24 hours or less.


•     PPD maintains all required transactional records for prescription medications – including “T3 Statements” – for at least six (6) years.

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