With its corporate offices located in the Rocky Mountains, ProPharma Distribution, LLC draws upon the natural beauty of its surroundings to inspire environmental sustainability and responsible resource use in its business operations, guided by the core principles of “reduce, reuse and recycle,” and including the following measures:



Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

While we already use post-consumer content corrugated cardboard packaging, this material can continue to be recycled. Customers who receive shipments of this corrugated cardboard from us can recycle it along with their regular paper products at a local recycling center. You can locate your local recycling center at www.Earth911.com.

Packaging Material

We utilize paper packing material in most of our non-refrigerated shipments. PAPERplus® in-the-box packaging materials are made from a combination of recycled and virgin paper. This kind of paper is durable enough to be used repeatedly and yet remains recyclable. Customers who receive paper packaging materials from us can drop them off at a local recycling center.

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Coolers

We utilize EPS Coolers for our refrigerated shipments. The EPS industry has developed a nationwide infrastructure of more than 200 sites for recycling EPS products; you can locate a suitable drop-off site near you by accessing the Alliance of Foam Packaging Recyclers at www.epspackaging.org.

Gel Ice Bricks

We also use gel ice made from a sustainable cornstarch compound in our refrigerated shipments. Each ice brick is comprised of non-toxic, food-grade gel refrigerants that will not liquefy, leak, spill or contaminate your shipment; and each brick is packaged in a durable recyclable polyethylene wrapper with heat-welded seams to ensure maximum resistance to punctures, tears and splitting. Polyethylene is recyclable in many locations, and where accepted, simply cut the thawed ice brick open to discard the liquid and recycle the pouch with other plastics at your local recycling center.

  • Office Waste

    We have implemented recycling practices in our business operations and all of our employees are asked to be responsible in minimizing their office waste. For the security of personal information and other sensitive corporate data, we currently shred all paper business documents through Shred-It®.

  • Starch-Based & Polystyrene Foam Peanuts

    For refrigerated shipments, as an alternative to using paper packing materials, we use a combination of both starch-based and polystyrene packing peanuts to prevent condensation damage.  To further reduce our impacts, we also re-use peanuts received from others for some non-refrigerated shipments.


    Starch-based packing peanuts are biodegradable. Customers who receive these peanuts may dispose of them in composting or garden areas (adding water will help to break them down), or by emptying them into a sink, bathtub or other basin and dissolving them in warm running water (starch residues generally are not harmful to the environment or plumbing, and should wash away easily).


    Polystyrene packing peanuts are recyclable. You can find the nearest site that accepts these peanuts or other loose fill packaging materials by visiting the website of the Plastic Loose Fill Council (PLFC) at http://www.loosefillpackaging.com, or by calling the Peanut Hotline toll-free at (800) 828-2214.

  • Windsource® Energy from Xcel Energy

    To further minimize our environmental impacts, we currently commit a portion of our energy consumption to Xcel Energy’s Windsource® renewable energy program. Windsource® energy is produced locally, and since its inception over ten years ago, this program has delivered more than 1 billion kWh of renewable energy. Purchasing energy from Windsource® helps businesses to:

    • Meet environmental goals

    • Support rural economies through tax revenues and jobs

    • Create a positive environmental impact

    • Promote sustainable sources of energy

    Broader participation in the Windsource® program will make it possible to produce even more renewable energy in the United States, which can benefit everyone and our natural environment.

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