ProPharma Distribution, LLC was created with the goal of delivering personalized customer service in the surgical care industry.  This industry is too often characterized by high-volume, low-service transactions which is not our approach to business.  We offer our customers and vendors personalized, hands-on service with special attention to detail by running our business with compassion and human kindness.  The healthcare industry is often stressful enough.  So, without having to feel like you’re alone to manage the demands of your practice, we are here to assist you to fill the supply chain gaps.

Our management team offers you over 100 years of wisdom and experience in the medical distribution industry. This provides you with a well-trained team of representatives that are dedicated to assisting your team meet your goals. It only works if we are focused on building long standing relationships with Nurses, Surgeons, Anesthesiologists, Medical Doctors, Pharmacists and their staff.

Our network of relationships cultivated in this industry is what maintains the reliability of the supply of medications.  We take great pride in maintaining good relations and nurturing new relationships with a broad base of supply chain partners to help bolster the depth of access to the products your facility uses.  This enables you count on ProPharma to provide the services needed and help locate medications that may be limited in availability to you.


If you feel overwhelmed with the time it takes to manage the inventory for your facility, please allow us to assist you. We can ensure you will appreciate the services provided by ProPharma Distribution.

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